Commit b72374a8 authored by pcregut's avatar pcregut

Test case contributed by Panxiaobo to show a problem with null visitors.

parent 57b6bb98
package org.objectweb.asmdex;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationVisitor;
import org.ow2.asmdex.ApplicationReader;
import org.ow2.asmdex.ApplicationVisitor;
import org.ow2.asmdex.ApplicationWriter;
import org.ow2.asmdex.ClassVisitor;
import org.ow2.asmdex.Opcodes;
* @author panxiaobo - Bug #316374
public class NullAnnotationVisitorTest {
public void test() {
ApplicationWriter aw = new ApplicationWriter();
ClassVisitor cv = aw.visitClass(0, "a", null, "java/lang/Object", null);
AnnotationVisitor av = cv.visitAnnotation("LAnno;", true);
av.visit("a", 1);
AnnotationVisitor av2 = av.visitArray("btheArray");
av2.visit(null, "a1");
av2.visit(null, "a2");
av.visit("c", "c");
ApplicationReader ar = new ApplicationReader(Opcodes.ASM4, aw.toByteArray());
ar.accept(new ApplicationVisitor(Opcodes.ASM4) {
public ClassVisitor visitClass(int access, String name, String[] signature,
String superName, String[] interfaces) {
return new ClassVisitor(Opcodes.ASM4) {
public AnnotationVisitor visitAnnotation(String desc, boolean visible) {
return new AnnotationVisitor(Opcodes.ASM4) {
public AnnotationVisitor visitArray(String name) {
return null; // skip the array
}, 0);
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