Commit 8673327d authored by andrei's avatar andrei

updated version to 2.2.5

parent 926ba83d
......@@ -16,10 +16,10 @@
<archive path="plugins/de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline_2.2.3.jar" url=""/>
<category-def name="Bytecode Outline for Eclipse 3.3" label="Bytecode Outline for Eclipse 3.3"/>
<feature url="features/de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline.feature_2.2.4.jar" id="de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline.feature" version="2.2.4">
<feature url="features/de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline.feature_2.2.5.jar" id="de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline.feature" version="2.2.5">
<category name="Bytecode Outline for Eclipse 3.4"/>
<archive path="plugins/de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline_2.2.4.jar" url=""/>
<archive path="plugins/de.loskutov.BytecodeOutline_2.2.5.jar" url=""/>
<category-def name="Bytecode Outline for Eclipse 3.4" label="Bytecode Outline for Eclipse 3.4"/>
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