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All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [Keep a CHANGELOG]( conventions. This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## 15.2.0
### Added
- ExpressionFactory interface: new method `getVariableExpression(variableId)`
- Apply class: added check for VariableReference used as first arg (sub-function) to higher-order function: variables (resolved at evaluation time) are not allowed, only constant
- TimeValue class: more Javadoc giving info about underlying XmlGregorianCalendar's year/month/day fields (set to DatatypeConstants.FIELD_UNDEFINED)
- GenericAttributeProviderBasedAttributeDesignatorExpression class: moved from authzforce-ce-core-pdp-engine project
## 15.1.0
### Changed
- Parent project (authzforce-ce-parent) version: 7.3.0, which changes dependency versions:
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