1. 31 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      - upgraded parent version: 7.5.0 · 2f99b97a
      cdanger authored
      - Replaced dependency mailapi with javax.mail-api v1.6.0
      - Added known issue with using mail-api (missing implementation class)
      to README
  2. 24 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      - Upgaded parent project: 6.0.0 -> 7.0.0 · c3f9d28a
      cdanger authored
      - Renamed classes:
      	- (Base|Closeable)AttributeProviderModule >
      	- (Base)RequestFilter -> (Base)DecisionRequestPreprocessor
      	- DecisionResultFilter -> DecisionResultPostprocessor
      	- CloseablePdp -> CloseablePdpEngine
      	- (Immutable)PdpDecisionRequest -> (Immutable)DecisionRequest
      	- PdpDecisionResult -> DecisionResult
      	- PdpDecisionRequest(Factory|Builder) ->
      	- (Base|Closeable)(Static)RefPolicyProviderModule ->
      	- RootPolicyProviderModule -> RootPolicyProvider
      	- (Base)DatatypeFactory(Registry) ->
      (Base)AttributeValueFactory(Registry) (using new class AttributeDatatype
      subclass of Datatype)
      - Uses of JAXBElement<IdReferenceType> (for Policy(Set)IdReference)
      replaced by PrimaryPolicyMetadata (identifies Policy uniquely)
      - Moved JaxbXacmlUtils utility class to authzforce-ce-xacml-model
      project (renamed Xacml3JaxbHelper)
      - New extensible framework for PDP engine adapters, e.g. for specific
      types of input/output (SerDes), PDP engine itself made agnostic of
      request/response serialization formats 
      	- New package org.ow2.authzforce.core.pdp.api.io for classes related to
      input/output (SerDes) adapter, e.g. from/to XACML-XML
      	- New interface PdpEngineInoutAdapter (default implementation is
      XACML/XML using JAXB API, XACML/JSON one moved to separate project)
      	- AtomicValue -> PrimitiveValue
      	- More optimal implementation of XACML integer values: 3 possible
      GenericInteger interface implementations depending on maximum (size)
      (ArbitrarilyBigInteger for java BigIntegers, MediumInteger for java
      Integers, and LongInteger for java Longs), with value caching (like Java
  3. 14 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      - POM: upgraded parent 3.4.0 -> 4.0.0 · bf2264a3
      cdanger authored
      - POM: Upgraded version 7.1.2-SNAPSHOT -> 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT
      - POM: added owasp-dependency-check plugin
      - POM: removed dependency koloboke
      - Implemented extension mechanism to switch HashMap/HashSet
      implementation from default Guava/native Java to others (implementations
      to be provided by external modules) such as Koloboke
      - Renamed classes: ValueExpression -> ConstantExpression
      - Changed Expression interface: method boolean isStatic() replaced by V
      getValue() to get the constant result if expression is constant
      - Changed Function interface: now extends AtomicValue (new class which
      extends Value) like AttributeValue instead of Expression
      - Changed ExpressionFactory to return FunctionExpression (new class)
      instead of Function where applicable
      - Changed FirstOrderFunctionCall to interface and moved logic to
      - Changed DatatypeFactory interface: removed method isExpressionStatic()
      now useless since we have Expression#getValue() 
      - New class PrimitiveDatatype for primitive value datatype
      - Added FUNCTION_DATATYPE (function datatype since Function now extends
      AtomicValue therefore Value) to StandardDatatypes