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    - Removed XACML AttributeValueType as superclass of AttributeValue
    (datatype ID no longer part of AttributeValue)
    - AttributeValue class becomes an interface
    - Removed XACML CombinerParameter as superclass of
    - Renamed CombinerParameterEvaluator class to ParameterAssignment
    - Renamed AbstractDecisionResult class to BaseDecisionResult
    - Added AttributeValueFactoryRegistry#getCompatibleFactory() (used in
    unit tests)
    - PepAction replaces XACML Obligation/Advice in API, and
    (Immutable)PepActions removed/replaced with (Immutable)List<PepAction>,
    and UpdatablePepActions removed/replaced with UpdatableList<PepAction>
    - Added PrimitiveDatatype#getInstanceClass) to give Java class
    associated to xacml datatype
    - Added PepActionAttributeAssignment as equivalent to XACML
    AttributeAssignment in API
    - Added XacmlJaxbParingUtils#parseXacmlJaxbResult(Result) to parse
    XACML/XML Result into API's DecisionResult
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