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    - Fix #34: NPE with indeterminate <AllOf> and no <AllOf> matched in same · ba8c9a8e
    Cyril Dangerville authored
    - New Generic Non-regression test class (NonRegression): more info: (
    #32 in Gitlab) src/test/resources/NonRegression/README.md 
    - Non-Regression test to validate fix for #19 (request w/o subject-id)
    and #16 (fix stackoverflow error with Audit log aspect) in
    - Added TestAttributeFinder ( #31 ) to be used for unit tests requiring
    dumb attribute finders for any attribute id/category (configurable as
    attribute finder parameter), currently used in new NonRegression test
    - New validated test case for #29, i.e. BasicMultipleRequestsV3 using
    Multiple Decision Profile with repeated categories but no
    <MultipleRequests>, section 2.3 of XACML MDP spec
    - Fix #30: test matchResult() not working on Response with multiple
    results (Multi Decision Profile)
    - Improved error message for illegal parameters to function ( #33 ) to
    say which function, which type or number of args, etc.
    - Moved debug logs showing evaluation results of rule/policy to the
    - Improved debug logs for AuditAspect to print joinpoing kind and target
    triggering the aspect (class and method signature)
    - Added debug logs for troubleshooting AnyOf/AllOf matches
    - Made package name in src/test/java start like the one in
    src/main/java: com.thalesgroup.authzforce.core.test...
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