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## Contributing
### Contribution Rules
### Coding Rules
Follow these Java coding guidelines:
* [Google Java Style Guide](, except braces must follow the Allman style instead of K & R style;
* *Effective Java, Second Edition*, by Joshua Bloch;
* [Oracle Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE](
### Testing
For every new major functionality, there must be unit tests added to some unit test class that is part of the automated test suite of [pdp-engine's](pdp-engine/src/test/java/org/ow2/authzforce/core/pdp/impl/test/ If the functionality has any impact on XACML - any Request/Response/Policy(Set) element - processing and/or change XACML standard conformance in anyway, make sure you add relevant integration and/or conformance tests to the test suite run by [pdp-testutils's](pdp-testutils/src/test/java/org/ow2/authzforce/core/pdp/testutil/test/
### Dependency management
1. No SNAPSHOT dependencies on "develop" and obviously "master" branches
### Releasing
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If you wish to contact the developers for other reasons, use [AuthzForce contact mailing list](
## Vulnerability reporting
If you want to report a vulnerability, you must do so on the [OW2 Issue Tracker]( with *Security Level* set to **Private**. Then, if the AuthzForce team can confirm it, they will change it to **Public** and set a fix version.
## Contributing
See [](
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