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......@@ -6,6 +6,20 @@ All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [K
- Issues reported on [OW2's GitLab]( are referenced in the form of `[GL-N]`, where N is the issue number.
## 16.0.0
### Changed
- Upgraded parent project: 7.6.1
- Upgraded dependency `slf4j-api`: 1.7.30
- Upgraded dependency `authzforce-ce-core-pdp-api`: 17.0.0
- PolicyProvider extensions must now support new parameter `otherHelpingPolicyProvider` in API method `CloseablePolicyProvider.Factory#getInstance(...)` which allows any new Policy Provider to call other(s) previously instantiated ones for help - during instantiation or later - in order to resolve policy references it cannot resolve on its own.
- Support for combining multiple Policy Providers corresponding to multiple `policyProvider` elements in PDP configuration (change to XML schema)
- Support for inline PolicySets in a `StaticPolicyProvider` configuration, may be combined with already existing `policyLocation` elements
- Core StaticPolicyProvider enhanced to support the two previously mentioned changes, with the limitation that it can be combined with other previously declared policy providers only if they are static (implement `StaticPolicyProvider` interface).
### Fixed
- #35 : CVE-2018-8088 affecting slf4j
## 15.2.0
### Changed
- Upgraded parent project: 7.6.0
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