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Our PDP implementation uses SLF4J for logging so you can use any SLF4J implementation to manage logging. As an example, we use logback for testing, so you can use [logback.xml](src/test/resources/logback.xml) as an example for configuring loggers, appenders, etc.
If you are using **Java 8**, make sure you set the following JVM system property is set before execution:
`javax.xml.accessExternalSchema = http`
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`javax.xml.accessExternalSchema = http`
## Support
If you are experiencing problems using AuthzForce, please report your problem via the [Issue Tracker](
Please include as much information as possible; the more we know, the better the chance of a quicker resolution.
Software version
Platform (OS and JDK)
Stack traces generally really help! If in doubt include the whole thing; often exceptions get wrapped in other exceptions and the exception right near the bottom explains the actual error, not the first few lines at the top. It's very easy for us to skim-read past unnecessary parts of a stack trace.
Log output can be useful too; sometimes enabling DEBUG logging can help;
Your code & configuration files are often useful.
If you wish to contact the developers for other reasons, use [Authzforce contact mailing list](
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