Commit 802b390e authored by cdanger's avatar cdanger
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Support instanciation of CoreRefPolicyProvider with null

parent 29dd4c57
......@@ -156,7 +156,8 @@ public class CoreRefPolicyProvider extends BaseStaticRefPolicyProvider
int policyLocationIndex = 0;
for (final String policyLocationPatternBeforePlaceholderReplacement : conf.getPolicyLocations())
final String policyLocationPattern = environmentProperties.replacePlaceholders(policyLocationPatternBeforePlaceholderReplacement);
final String policyLocationPattern = environmentProperties == null ? policyLocationPatternBeforePlaceholderReplacement
: environmentProperties.replacePlaceholders(policyLocationPatternBeforePlaceholderReplacement);
// Check whether the location is a file path pattern
if (policyLocationPattern.startsWith(ResourceUtils.FILE_URL_PREFIX))
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