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......@@ -4,6 +4,18 @@ All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [K
Issues reported on [GitHub]( are referenced in the form of `[GH-N]`, where N is the issue number. Issues reported on [OW2]( are mentioned in the form of `[OW2-N]`, where N is the issue number.
## 8.0.0
### Changed
- Version of parent project: 5.1.0
- Version of dependency authzforce-ce-core-pdp-api: 9.1.0 (API changes)
- License: GPL v3.0 replaced with Apache License v2.0
- Project URL: '' replaced with ''
- GIT repository URL base: '' replaced with ''
- Project converted to multi-module project with two new modules in order to have properly separated artifact with the test utility classes to be reused in other AuthzForce projects (e.g. `server/webapp` and PDP extensions), therefore two new Maven artifacts:
- `authzforce-ce-core-pdp-engine` replacing artifact `authzforce-ce-core` (no classifier);
- `authzforce-ce-core-pdp-testutils` replacing artifact `authzforce-ce-core` with `tests` classifier.
## 7.1.0
### Added
- [OW2-26] Simplify evaluation of Apply expression with commutative numeric function f (e.g. add and multiply): if multiple arguments are constants A, B..., then: `f(a1,, A, b1,, B, c1,...) = f(C, a1,, b1,, c1...)` where `C = f(A,B...)` and a1,, b1,, c1,... are the other arguments (variables).
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