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Added forgotten changes to schema

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......@@ -12,12 +12,15 @@ All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [K
- 'functionSet' element no longer supported in PDP XML configuration schema
### Changed
- PDP XML configuration schema namespace: (previous namespace: See *Removed* section for non-backward-compatible changes to the schema.
- Parent project version: authzforce-ce-parent: 3.4.0
- Dependency version: authzforce-ce-core-pdp-api: ???: requires to pass new EnvironmentProperties parameter to AttributeProvider module factories for using global PDP environment properties (such as PDP configuration file's parent directory)
- Interpretation of XACML Request flag ReturnPolicyId=true, considering a policy "applicable" if and only if the decision is not NotApplicable and if it is not a root policy, the same goes for the enclosing policy. See also the discussion on the xacml-comment mailing list:
### Added
- New feature enabled by PDP configuration parameter: enum 'standardEnvAttributeSource' to set the source for the Standard Current Time Environment Attribute values (current-date, current-time, current-dateTime): PDP_ONLY, REQUEST_ELSE_PDP, REQUEST_ONLY
- New PDP configuration parameter: 'standardEnvAttributeSource' (enum) sets the source for the Standard Current Date/Time Environment Attribute values (current-date, current-time, current-dateTime), possible values: PDP_ONLY, REQUEST_ELSE_PDP, REQUEST_ONLY
- New PDP configuration parameter: 'badRequestStatusDetailLevel': Level of detail in the StatusDetail returned in Indeterminate Results when the XACML Request syntax/content is invalid. Increasing this value usually helps better pinpoint the issue with the Request.
- enum StandardFunction that enumerates all standard XACML function IDs
- enum StandardEnvironmentAttribute that enumerates all XACML standard environment attribute identifiers
- enum StandardCombiningAlgoritm that enumerates all standard XACML combining algorithms
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