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# Change log
All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [Keep a CHANGELOG]( conventions.
## Unreleased
### Fixed
- Javadoc comments
## 3.8.1
### Fixed
- Removed use of SAXON StandardURIChecker for validating anyURI XACML AttributeValues causing "possible memory leak" errors in Tomcat, as confirmed by: and Although XACML 3.0 still refers to XSD 1.0 which has a stricter definition of anyURI than XSD 1.1, the fix consisted to use XSD 1.1 anyURI definition for XACML anyURI AttributeValues. In this definition, anyURI and string datatypes have same value space (refer to XSD 1.1 Datatypes document or SAXON note or mailing list: , therefore anyURI-specific validation is removed and anyURI values are accepted like string values by the program. However, this does not affect XML schema validation of Policy/PolicySet/Request documents against OASIS XACML 3.0 schema, where the XSD 1.0 definition of anyURI still applies.
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