1. 30 Aug, 2016 1 commit
  2. 29 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      - Fixed issue #21 (OW2) with non-regression test · 67717a3c
      cdanger authored
      - Fixed issue #22 (OW2) with non-regression test
      - New feature to set Standard Current Time Environment Attribute
      (PDP_ONLY, REQUEST_ELSE_PDP, REQUEST_ONLY) with unit tests
      - New features: strictAttributeIssuerMatch=false supported when
      retrieving attributes from provider modules (if attribute has Issuer,
      Issuer-less copy added to context)
      - New way of handling ReturnPolicyIdList (return applicable policies)
      with new definition of applicable policies (not returning NotApplicable
      and enclosing policy is applicable, if any)
      -> changes to response in tests IIIG301,302
      - Removed TestApplyMarshalling because we consider no longer the
      responsibility of the PDP to be able to marshall XACML instances, but
      the caller; in particular classes ApplyExpression,
      AttributeDesignatorExpression, AttributeSelectorExpression,
      AttributeAssigmnentExpressionEvaluator no longer extending JAXB classes
      to simplify and improve code memory usage
      - New  utility class StandardCombiningAlgorithms for registry of
      standard combining algorithms
      - New  utility class StandardEnvironmentAttributes for registry of
      standard environment attributes
      - - New  utility class StandardFunctions for registry of standard
      - Fixed issues with autoboxing/unboxing
      - Use of Guava Preconditions.checkNotNull() and ImmutableList
      - Use of koloboke HashMap/HashSet
      - Removed MutableDecisionResult