1. 15 Sep, 2016 1 commit
  2. 29 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      - Fixed issue #21 (OW2) with non-regression test · 67717a3c
      cdanger authored
      - Fixed issue #22 (OW2) with non-regression test
      - New feature to set Standard Current Time Environment Attribute
      (PDP_ONLY, REQUEST_ELSE_PDP, REQUEST_ONLY) with unit tests
      - New features: strictAttributeIssuerMatch=false supported when
      retrieving attributes from provider modules (if attribute has Issuer,
      Issuer-less copy added to context)
      - New way of handling ReturnPolicyIdList (return applicable policies)
      with new definition of applicable policies (not returning NotApplicable
      and enclosing policy is applicable, if any)
      -> changes to response in tests IIIG301,302
      - Removed TestApplyMarshalling because we consider no longer the
      responsibility of the PDP to be able to marshall XACML instances, but
      the caller; in particular classes ApplyExpression,
      AttributeDesignatorExpression, AttributeSelectorExpression,
      AttributeAssigmnentExpressionEvaluator no longer extending JAXB classes
      to simplify and improve code memory usage
      - New  utility class StandardCombiningAlgorithms for registry of
      standard combining algorithms
      - New  utility class StandardEnvironmentAttributes for registry of
      standard environment attributes
      - - New  utility class StandardFunctions for registry of standard
      - Fixed issues with autoboxing/unboxing
      - Use of Guava Preconditions.checkNotNull() and ImmutableList
      - Use of koloboke HashMap/HashSet
      - Removed MutableDecisionResult
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  4. 15 May, 2016 1 commit
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      - Fixed invalid schemaLocation in test samples of XACML · f874dd38
      cdanger authored
      policies/resquests/responses (still pointing to XACML 2.0 XSD)
      - Added test extensions for result filter (for CombinedDecision from
      XACML Multiple Decision Profile, in TestCombinedDecisionResultFilter),
      simple datatype (dnsName-value from XACML DLP/BAC profile, in
      TestDNSNameValueEqualFunction class), complex datatype (XACML Policy, in
      class TestXACMLPolicyAttributeValue), function (dnsName-value-equal from
      XACML DLP/NAC profile, in TestDNSNameValueEqualFunction class),
      combining algorithm from XACML Additional Combining Algorithms Profile
      (in class TestOnPermitApplySecondCombiningAlg)
      - Fixed NullPointerException occuring when specifying unsupported
      combining algorithm in PDP configuration
      - New method in PdpExtensionLoader to get list of extensions of a given
      - Fixed bug in PdpExtensionLoader considering input extension type
      invalid if no extension found of this type (although type is correct)
      - Renamed DNSNameValue to DNSNameWithPortRangeValue class to distinguish
      dnsName datatype from new dnsname-value type in XACML DLP/NAC profile
      with accepts just a port number (not a range)
      - Removed support for dnsName-equal and ipAddress-equal functions which
      do not exist in XACML spec actually (the regexp-match equivalent is to
      be used instead)
  5. 29 Feb, 2016 1 commit
  6. 13 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      - Moved all classes meaningful as API classes for PDP extensions (and · a1e7ed4f
      cdanger authored
      therefore PDP extension implementers) to a separate project
      - Lower findbugs alert threshold and fixed new findbugs issues
      - Removed inheritance of JAXB classes for most *Evaluator classes to
      simplify the code
      - Property placeholder replacement optimized, no longer done on the
      whole PDP conf document, but only when needed by policy provider
      extensions (e.g. to replace PARENT_DIR)
      - New XML-namespace-aware XML parser to support namespace-aware XPath
      evaluation of XACML Request/Policies
      - new CoreRefBasedPolicyProviderModule (root policy defined as a
      reference to a previously declared RefPolicyProviderModule and policy
      IdRef to be resolved by the latter)
      - PDP conf schema versioning (3.6):
       and depends on new pdp extension schema version:
       - Fixed issue with control of max policy ref depth
  7. 04 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      - Added support of OASIS XACML Committee's 2.0 version of conformance · 438ce239
      cdanger authored
      tests upgraded to conform to the XACML 3.0 standard. Most of them have
      been submitted to the OASIS XACML Committee in April 2014 by AT&T.
      The original files are available on the xacml-comment mailing list: 
      and on AT&T's Github repository (MIT License): 
      except IIA010, IIA012, IIA024, IID029, IID030 and III.C (test 1 is the
      only one support in this latter category)
      - Added feature with unit test: Policy Reference depth control and
      circular reference detection
      - Added feature with unit test: Variable Reference depth control and
      circular reference detection
      - Added option to enable/disable XPath support (xpathExpression
      datatype, AttributeSelector and xpath functions)
      - Added support of xpathExpressions in Request with support of
      namespace-prefix mappings extracted from XML document
      (...xmlns:prefix="uri"...) where the xpathExpression is defined, i.e.
      XACML Request or Policy(Set), in native policy finders
      - Added support of xpath-node-count function (optional XACML feature)
      - Added support of optional XACML features: RequestDefaults/XPathVersion
      for evaluation of xpathExpressions in Request, and ReturnPolicyIdList to
      return identifiers of policies found applicable for the Request
      - New modes of request parsing/filtering for enforce best practices and
      tweak performances of Request processing:
      1) strictAttributeIssuerMatch: parsing so that AttributeDesignator
      without Issuer only match request Attributes without Issuer (better
      performance if all Attributes have an Issuer which is recommended, but
      not fully XACML (§5.29) compliant)
      2) allowAttributeDuplicates: allow defining multi-valued attributes by
      repeating the same XACML Attribute (same AttributeId) within a XACML
      Attributes element (same Category). Indeed, not allowing this is not
      fully compliant with the XACML spec according to a discussion on the
      xacml-dev mailing list (see {@linkplain
      referring to the XACML 3.0  core spec, §7.3.3, that indicates that
      multiple occurrences of the same <Attribute> with same meta-data
      but different values should be considered equivalent to a single
      <Attribute> element with same meta-data and merged values
      (multi-valued Attribute). Moreover, the XACML 3.0 conformance test
      'IIIA024' expects this behavior: the multiple subject-id Attributes are
      expected to result in a multi-value bag during evaluation of the
      <AttributeDesignator>. Setting this parameter to {@code false} is
      not fully compliant, but provides better performance, especially if you
      know the Requests to be well-formed, i.e. all AttributeValues of a given
      Attribute are grouped together in the same <Attribute> element.
      Combined with strictAttributeIssuerMatch == true, this is the most
      efficient alternative (although not fully compliant).
      - Fixed non-compliance of Request Content parsing for XPath eval (use
      the single child element of Content node as XML input doc to XPath eval,
      NOT the Content node itself) -> removed useless need of JAXBContext and
      creating JAXBSource for parsing into XDMnode -> perf improved
      - Fixed AttributeSelector evaluation for XPath to XML attribute value
      (return the attribute value as a string instead of an Attribute
      node/entry "attributeName=attributeValue"
      - Fixed VariableReferenceDepth control (reference chain was not updated
      - Fixed PolicySetIdReference Depth control (reference chain was not
      updated properly)
      - Use of new immutable version of xacml-model where all XACML/JAXB
      objects are immutable -> significant changes in way to create these
      objects during evaluation, esp. Obligations and Advices
      - Fix ordering of obligations/advices when merging a given Policy(Set)'s
      obligations/advices with the child elements' (Policy/Rule) ones
      - Fixed static pre-eval on <Apply> with xpathExpression (should not
      pre-eval statically, i.e. out of context, since xpathExpression value
      depends on context
      - Replaced RELEASE-NOTES.md with CHANGELOG.md to adopt conventions from
      - Improved unit tests: ability to plug the TestAttributeProviderModule
      configured with a file XXXAttributeProvider.xml to the PDP for specific
      tests, also to plug referenced Policies for the RefPolicyFinder of the
      PDP with 'refPolicies' directory containing Policy(Set)files; and
      ability to test for Policy or Request syntax error checking only (no
      Request evaluation by PDP)
      - Improved test class TestUtils to create a PDP instance with XPath
      support disabled/enabled and specific request filter ID on the PDP
      - Improved TestAttributeProviderModule supports any static configuration
      of Attributes (with contant values); same format as in XACML Requests
      - Removed license header of Apache2 (replaced with GPL)
      - Removed NOTICE.txt obsolete ("Apache AuthZForce" does not exist)
      - Conformance tests split in 'mandatory' and 'optional' folder to
      distinguish XACML mandatory feature from optional feature testing
      - Change logback dependency scope from 'compile' to 'test' as we need it
      only for tests, not for compiling -> simplifies dependencies
      - Replaced dependency spring-xml (obsolete) with spring-core because we
      only use org.springframework.util.* -> simplifies dependencies 
      - Fix header plugin that was missing path to header license, and
      'format' goals
      - Refactor - extracted PDP interface and moved default implementation to
      PDPImpl class, to hide internals from potential PDP API client and
      improve genericity
      - Refactor - extracted RequestFilter interface from abstract class and
      moved abstract class code to BaseRequestFilter class to hide internals
      from potential RequestFilter API client and improve genericity; and to
      merge common code between DefaultRequestFilter and
      - Refactor - extracted IndividualDecisionRequest interface from abstract
      class and moved abstract class code to MutableIndividualDecisionRequest
      and ImmutableIndividualDecisionRequest classes, to hide internals from
      potential RequestFilter API client and improve genericity
      - Made BasePdpExtensionRegistry mutable to allow adding extensions after
      creating instance from an exiting one
      - DecisionResult renamed to more explicit name PolicyDecisionResult
      - Moved old README content to another project (rest-service) since does
      not apply anymore, and replaced with proper content.
  8. 18 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      - Replaced Finder with Provider (more generic) in terms · ce305116
      Cyril Dangerville authored
      AttributeFinder, PolicyFinder, etc. and also in schema files
      - Restructured and improved/fixed unit tests
      - Added unit tests for circular and undefined
      - Added HTML description for conformance tests
      - Removed TestMatchAlg, replaced with official conformance test on
      Target matching -> group II.B.
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  12. 23 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      * Fixed unit tests, including the conformance files with systematic · bbe4cc00
      Cyril Dangerville authored
      XACML schema validation, as some of them were not XACML 3.0 compliant.
      * New class DatatypeConstants to centralized all standard datatype
      * Generalized the notion of Expression value and datatype to bags
      (formerly restricted to primitive datatypes) - new class BagDatatype
      * Addded Bags utils class equivalent to Collections class to create
      empty bag, singleton bag, etc.
      * Removed xmlbeans dependency (replaced by use of Saxon for same
      * Improved logs in Rule evaluation
      * Improved hashCode/equals/toString methods in most classes
      * Fixed variable management: remove Policy-locally-defined variables
      from context when done evaluating the policy
      * Better management of Policy versions, in particular for
      PolicyIdReference resolution
      * Modified BooleanAttributeValue to avoid creating new instances of it
      during evaluation
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  15. 30 Dec, 2014 2 commits
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      Revert "- Removed NOTICE.txt coming from Sun - Removed RELEASE-NOTES.txt... · 35b2a1e3
      Cyril Dangerville authored
      Revert "- Removed NOTICE.txt coming from Sun - Removed RELEASE-NOTES.txt because does not correspond to this fiware branch - Removed THIRD-PARTY.properties because not valid - Removed enteprise features (audit with aspectj deps) - Removed log4j conf (switching to logback) - Fixed tests (fixed Apply encode method bug, and commented tests for not yet supported string functions) - Removed XACML 2.0 conformance tests to keep only XACML 3.0"
      This reverts commit 9b94a30a.
    • Cyril Dangerville's avatar
      - Removed NOTICE.txt coming from Sun · 9b94a30a
      Cyril Dangerville authored
      - Removed RELEASE-NOTES.txt because does not correspond to this fiware
      - Removed THIRD-PARTY.properties because not valid
      - Removed enteprise features (audit with aspectj deps)
      - Removed log4j conf (switching to logback)
      - Fixed tests (fixed Apply encode method bug, and commented tests for
      not yet supported string functions)
      - Removed XACML 2.0 conformance tests to keep only XACML 3.0
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