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    - Fixed #35 · b99d4fcd
    cdanger authored
    - Upgraded parent project to 7.6.1
    - Upgraded authzforce-ce-core-pdp-api dependency to 17.0.0
    - Support for combining multiple Policy Providers as one
    - Changed (enhancement) the PDP XML schema to support:
        - Multiple policyProvider elements
    	- Inline PolicySets in StaticPolicyProvider type (XACML PolicySets
    embedded in the PDP configuration), in addition to policy locations
    - Core StaticPolicyProvider enhancement:
    	- Support of inline PolicySets defined in the XML config as input (new
    'policy' element), may be combined with policyLocations (URLs)
    	- Support of third-party static policy provider to help resolve policy
    references not supported internally; in other words, the policy provider
    can be combined with other static policy providers.
    - Replace use of guava Charset class with standard java Charset