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Updated CHANGELOG for release 3.6.0

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# Change log
All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [Keep a CHANGELOG]( conventions. Starting with version 3.6.0, this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [Keep a CHANGELOG]( conventions.
## Unreleased
### Added
- Root policy provider module based on any policy-by-reference provider (parameter is the root policy reference to be resolved by the policy-by-reference provider)
### Removed
- Moved/Refactored API classes sufficient for implementing PDP extensions (Datatypes, Functions, Policy/Attribute providers, etc.) to a separate project: authzforce-ce-core-pdp-api
### Fixed
- Broken validation of max policy reference depth
## 3.6.0
### Added
- Support all [XACML 3.0 conformance tests]( published by AT&T on XACML mailing list in March 2014, except IIA010, IIA012, IIA024, IID029, IID030, III.C.2, III.C.3, IIIE301, IIIE303, II.G.2-6 (see also [README](src\test\resources\conformance\xacml-3.0-from-2.0-ct\ ); with specific adaptations and anhancements:
1. XACML 3.0 Schema validation in all conformance tests (original files are not all compliant with XACML 3.0).
1. The original conformance test folder contains hundreds of files; for better readability and management, the folder is split in *mandatory* folder for tests on supported mandatory features (XACMl 3.0 core), *optional* folder for supported optional features (XACML 3.0 core and profiles), and *unsupported* for unsupported features.
......@@ -23,15 +34,12 @@ All notable changes to this project are documented in this file following the [K
2. *Allow Attribute duplicates*: allows defining multi-valued attributes by repeating the same XACML Attribute (same AttributeId) within a XACML Attributes element (same Category). Indeed, not allowing this enables the PDP to parse and evaluate Requests more efficiently, especially if you know the Requests to be well-formed, i.e. all AttributeValues of a given Attribute are grouped together in the same `<Attribute>` element. However, it may not be fully compliant with the XACML spec according to a [discussion]( on the xacml-dev mailing list, referring to the XACML 3.0 core spec, §7.3.3, that indicates that multiple occurrences of the same `<Attribute>` with same meta-data but different values should be considered equivalent to a single `<Attribute>` element with same meta-data and merged values (multi-valued Attribute). Moreover, the XACML 3.0 conformance test 'IIIA024' expects this behavior: the multiple subject-id Attributes are expected to result in a multi-value bag during evaluation of the `<AttributeDesignator>`.
- Features to prevent circular references in Policy(Set)IdReferences or VariableReference
- Features to limit depth of PolicySetIdReference or VariableReference chain (otherwise no theoretical limit)
- PMD and findbugs plugins in Maven build
- Logging of XML catalog/schema loading in PDP configuration
### Changed
- TestMatchAlg class replaced with official conformance test on Target matching: group II.B.
- Improved `TestUtils` class to allow configuring a directory of referenced policies for Policy(Set)IdReferences, to enable/disable XPath support, and to configure a specific RequestFilter ID, e.g. to use the MultipleDecisionProfile for conformance tests of 'optional' features.
- Renamed to to adopt conventions from [](
- Logback dependency scope (maven) from `compile` to `test` (not required for compiling, only for tests, any SLF4J-compatible library may be used at runtime).
- spring-xml dependency (maven) - no longer required - replaced with child dependency spring-core required because of use of `org.springframework.util.*`.
- Moved old content to the server project since it does not apply anymore to this project but to the AuthzForce server project.
### Fixed
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