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    Changes from core-pdp-api: · a08a1ead
    cdanger authored
    - Renamed StringParseableValueFactory to StringParseableValue.Factory
    - AttributeAssignmentExpressionEvaluator: AttributeAssignment replaced
    with equivalent in AuthzForce data model: PepActionAttributeAssignment
    - RuleEvaluator, PolicyEvaluator and CombiningAlgEvaluators and all
    CombiningAlg implementations: replaced (Updatable)PepActions with
    - AttributeValue now longer extends XACML AttributeValueType (no longer
    has xacml datatype info)
    - Improved validation of XACML Apply expressions
    - Moved BasePdpExtensionRegistry,
    ImmutableAttributeValueFactoryRegistry, and
    StandardAttributeValueFactories class to core-pdp-api project to allow
    PEP implementers to only rely on core-pdp-api for parsing
    attributevalues in AttributeAssignments in XACML Response's Results
    - Moved BasePrimaryPolicyMetadata to core-pdp-api project (dependency)
    - Removed PepActionFactories and PepActionExpressions now useless
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