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    - Fixed invalid schemaLocation in test samples of XACML · f874dd38
    cdanger authored
    policies/resquests/responses (still pointing to XACML 2.0 XSD)
    - Added test extensions for result filter (for CombinedDecision from
    XACML Multiple Decision Profile, in TestCombinedDecisionResultFilter),
    simple datatype (dnsName-value from XACML DLP/BAC profile, in
    TestDNSNameValueEqualFunction class), complex datatype (XACML Policy, in
    class TestXACMLPolicyAttributeValue), function (dnsName-value-equal from
    XACML DLP/NAC profile, in TestDNSNameValueEqualFunction class),
    combining algorithm from XACML Additional Combining Algorithms Profile
    (in class TestOnPermitApplySecondCombiningAlg)
    - Fixed NullPointerException occuring when specifying unsupported
    combining algorithm in PDP configuration
    - New method in PdpExtensionLoader to get list of extensions of a given
    - Fixed bug in PdpExtensionLoader considering input extension type
    invalid if no extension found of this type (although type is correct)
    - Renamed DNSNameValue to DNSNameWithPortRangeValue class to distinguish
    dnsName datatype from new dnsname-value type in XACML DLP/NAC profile
    with accepts just a port number (not a range)
    - Removed support for dnsName-equal and ipAddress-equal functions which
    do not exist in XACML spec actually (the regexp-match equivalent is to
    be used instead)
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