Commit 0ab2b03a authored by Jason Fox's avatar Jason Fox

Fix #14 - Make Docker more flexible

* Expose Volume so Policies can be injected
* Remove hard-coded 8080 port and replace with optional `ENV` parameter in case port 8080 is in use. Port 8080 remains the default.
parent 18290d5d
......@@ -68,8 +68,10 @@ RUN curl --silent --output authzforce-ce-server.deb --location $AUTHZFORCE_SERVE
rm -rf /opt/authzforce-ce-server/data/domains/* && \
rm -rf /root/authzforce && \
rm -f authzforce-ce-server.deb
VOLUME /opt/authzforce-ce-server/data
CMD ["", "run"]
### Exposed ports
# - App server
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