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......@@ -177,15 +177,17 @@ If you are interested in those, you can ask for [support](#Support).
## Install
Every release is distributed as follows:
Every release is packaged in various types of distribution and the installation depends on the distribution type:
- Ubuntu/Debian package (recommended option): `.deb`;
- Other Linux distributions: `.tar.gz`;
- Docker image.
- Ubuntu/Debian package (recommended option): `.deb`. Use your usual Ubuntu/Debian APT to install the package;
- Other Linux distributions: `.tar.gz` for any Linux distribution. More info in the [documentation](#documentation);
- Docker image, installed/deployed with the usual docker container commands.
For download links, please go to the specific
[release page](
Once you downloaded the distribution of your preference, check the [documentation](#documentation) for more information.
## Documentation
For links to the documentation of a release, please go to the specific
......@@ -291,7 +293,7 @@ The sources for the manuals are located in
# Testing
To run tests, install Maven and type
To run unit tests, install Maven and type
mvn test
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