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Link to GitHub catalogue. Move description above _This is part of FIWARE_
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[![Codacy Badge](](
[![FOSSA Status](](
_This project is part of [FIWARE]( More info on the
[FIWARE catalogue](
AuthzForce Server provides a multi-tenant RESTful API to Policy Administration
Points (PAP) and Policy Decision Points (PDP) supporting Attribute-Based Access
Control (ABAC), as defined in the
[OASIS XACML 3.0 standard](
AuthzForce Server is also the Reference Implementation (GEri) of
[FIWARE]( _Authorization PDP_ Generic Enabler (GE). More
info on the
[FIWARE catalogue](
This project is part of [FIWARE]( For more information
check the FIWARE Catalogue entry for
**Go to the [releases]( page for
specific release info: downloads (Linux packages), Docker image,
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