Commit 1d88debb authored by Adrien's avatar Adrien

remove sudo for dmg creation

parent bcca8fe5
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ class MacCodeSign {
var dmgPath = file.parentFile.canonicalPath + separator + file.nameWithoutExtension + ".dmg""DMG Path: " + dmgPath)
val buildDmgResult = ProcessBuilder()
.command("echo", "bonitasoft", "|", "sudo", "-S", "hdiutil", "create", "-volname", dmgName, "-srcfolder", file.canonicalPath, "-ov", "-format", "UDZO", dmgPath)
.command("hdiutil", "create", "-volname", dmgName, "-srcfolder", file.canonicalPath, "-ov", "-format", "UDZO", dmgPath)
var dmg = File(dmgPath);
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