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......@@ -78,8 +78,9 @@ Notarize a binary means send the binary to Apple and wait for their approval.
**⚠️ The notarization process has to be done for community and subscription installers**
* Retrieve dmg file. It contains the installer.
* Extract the .app inside the dmg (the installer)
* _Example: BonitaStudioCommunity-7.10.0.dmg_
* Extract the .app inside the dmg (the installer)
* _Example: BonitaStudioCommunity-7.10.0.app_
* Create a zip from this .app
* _Example: BonitaStudioCommunity-7.10.0.zip_
* This zip has to be send to the Apple notarize service, using the following command line:
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