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update 'how_to_configure_rest_api_authorization' for 2.0.x (BCD-152) (#33)

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......@@ -7,29 +7,10 @@ In the sections below we will manipluate configuration into templates and not at
## Deactivating dynamic permissions checks
BCD 1.0.x, doesn't manage directly the REST_API_DYN_AUTH_CHECKS environment variable.
So to deactivate dynamic permissions checks you will need to use the [custom initialization mechanism](${varVersion}/custom_init) by adding this kind of script `roles/bonita/files/custom-init.d/`
Since 2.0.x, BCD manages the REST_API_DYN_AUTH_CHECKS environment through the [scenario variable]( `bonita_rest_api_dyn_auth_checks`.
So to deactivate dynamic permissions checks you will just have to add the following line into your scenario:
set -euxo pipefail
indicator_path=/opt/$(basename $BASH_ARGV)-executed
if [ -f ${indicator_path} ]; then
echo "Custom script already executed" && return 0
# deactivate dynamic permissions checks
rm ${BONITA_PATH}/Bonita*Subscription-${BONITA_VERSION}-Tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}/setup/platform_conf/current/tenant_template_portal/
# Create indicator file
touch ${indicator_path}
bonita_rest_api_dyn_auth_checks: false
## Adding custom permissions
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