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These requirements must be fulfilled when using BCD for **Provisioning**. They apply to target hosts where the Bonita stack will be deployed.
Bonita stack hosts may be running **on-premises** or in **cloud platforms** like [Amazon Web Services (AWS)](, [Microsoft Azure](, [Google Cloud]( or [OpenStack](
* with the AWS platform, BCD enables you to create and delete EC2 instances of the Bonita stacks automatically. To do so, read the [AWS configuration for BCD tutorial](
* with other platforms, target hosts must be up and running prior to using BCD. Basic setup for target hosts is explained below.
The system requirements for the target hosts are as follows:
- Minimum hardware requirements: 1 CPU / 1GiB RAM / 8GiB storage (Equivalent to AWS EC2 `t2.micro` instance)
- Supported operating systems: Ubuntu-14.04, Ubuntu-16.04
......@@ -39,13 +43,19 @@ Besides, the following technical requirements must be met:
- Target hosts must be accessible from the BCD controller using **SSH public-key authentication**.
- The user configured to connect to the target hosts must have `sudo` or `root` privileges in order to install the Bonita stack.
Basically, here are the steps to manually install a target host for BCD:
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#### Basic setup for target hosts
Here are the steps to manually install a target host for BCD:
1. Install one of the supported operating systems.
2. Create a user and grant `sudo` or `root` privileges.
3. Generate SSH keys for this user.
The SSH private key has to be retrieved on your BCD controller and its path configured in your BCD scenario.
### Jenkins server
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