Commit 77cd7fac authored by Truc Nguyen's avatar Truc Nguyen
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feat(custom-init): add JavaMelody example showing how to download external jars

parent 1f107f42
......@@ -181,3 +181,34 @@ ${BONITA_SETUP_SH} pull
cp /opt/custom-init.d/bonita-tenant-sp-custom.xml ${BONITA_PATH}/Bonita*Subscription-${BONITA_VERSION}-Tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}/setup/platform_conf/current/tenant_template_engine/
This sample script deploys the [JavaMelody monitoring tool]( to Bonita web application. This example shows how to download external jars and include them to Bonita WAR.
set -euxo pipefail
war_path=$(find "${BONITA_PATH}/Bonita"*"Subscription-${BONITA_VERSION}-Tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}/server/webapps" -name bonita.war)
rm -rf ${workdir} && mkdir -p ${workdir}
pushd ${workdir}
# download javamelody jars
mkdir -p WEB-INF/lib
pushd WEB-INF/lib
curl -sSLOJ
curl -sSLOJ
# repackage war
zip -r "${war_path}" WEB-INF/lib
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