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# bonita-continuous-delivery-doc
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# Bonita Continuous Delivery documentation resources
This repository contains Bonita Continuous Delivery documentation site content.
It uses [Markdown]( to create documentation content.
## View rendered content on GitHub
Using the [Github Markdown Format]( allows to check the documentation directly on the GitHub repository website.
So a simple way to view documentation content is to browse the `md` folder on [GitHub website](
## Build project
The project contains several tasks to generate the documentation content.
### HTML
Use `npm run build` to have the HTML files generated to the `build/html` directory.
This command requires 2 arguments:
- `version` - Documentation version string. Example: `1.0`. If no version argument is provided, then version is read from the `scripts/variables.json` file.
- `application` - URL prefix when serving documentation images. Image URLs will be like:
<img src="${application}/images/${version}/<image_filename>"/>
**Example**: With version=`1.0` and application=`bcd`, generated HTML will contain `img` tags like:
<img src="bcd/images/1.0/bcd_overview.png"/>
Providing arguments to the HTML build command is done with one of the following syntaxes:
npm run build -- [application] [version]
npm run build -- -a [application] -v [version]
npm run build -- -a [application]
npm run build -- bcd 1.0
npm run build -- -a bcd -v 1.0
npm run build -- -a bcd
### Taxonomy
Once the HTML content has been generated, the `taxonomy.json` file can be generated from the `build/html/taxonomy.html` file.
Use the `npm run taxonomy` command to do so.
## Contribute
To help you contributing to Bonita Continuous Delivery documentation, we provide a set of [contribution guidelines](
Thanks for taking time to contribute!
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