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## AWS Setup for BCD
In order to use Amazon EC2 instances, some configuration steps need to be performed as a prerequisite.
The following steps are required to set up AWS credentials for Ansible automation.
The following steps are the basic requirements to set up AWS credentials for Ansible automation.
Further configuration instructions for **AWS SIngle Sign-On** can be found [on this page](
1. [Create an IAM Policy]( to grant full access to Amazon EC2 on a specific region (eg. us-west-2)
- **Policy name**: EC2FullAccess_us-west-2
# AWS Single Sign-On
AWS allows to integrate [numerous Third-Party SAML Solution Providers](
If you implement this kind of authentication, when you start the BCD Controller container it will no longer be necessary to mount the `boto` file.
$ docker run --rm -t -i --name bcd-controller \
-v <local_path_to_bonita-continuous-delivery_folder>:/home/bonita/bonita-continuous-delivery \
-v <local_path_to_ssh_private_key>:/home/bonita/.ssh/<ssh_private_key> \
bonitasoft/bcd-controller /bin/bash
Indeed you will use `~/.aws` directory instead.
## Single Sign-On to AWS Using G Suite
In this step we will provide you an example using G Suite from Google.
First, set up a Single Sign-On to AWS using G Suite as described in [AWS website](
The BCD Controller already embeds [aws-google-auth]( to manage the authentication.
You will need to know Google's assigned Identity Provider ID (idp-id) and the ID assigned to the SAML service provider (sp-id).
`idp-id` can be found on Google Admin `Security > Set up single sign-on (SSO)` page in the SSO url provided. For instance: ``
`sp-id` can be found into the URL of your browser when viewing Google Admin `Apps > SAML Apps > Amazon Web Services` page. For instance: `#AppDetails:service=123456789012`
After launching the BCD Controller you will have to authenticate yourself as below:
aws-google-auth --idp-id Abc012345 --sp-id 123456789012 -p default -u
`aws-google-auth` will store the credentials into `~/.aws` directory through the `default` AWS profile
If you want to use a different profile, you will have to export the variable accordingly:
aws-google-auth --idp-id Abc012345 --sp-id 123456789012 -p test -u
export AWS_PROFILE=test
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### Enhancements
- Handle REST_API_DYN_AUTH_CHECKS environment variable of Bonita docker image
- Deactivate by default the Bonita [HTTP API](${bonitaDocVersion}/rest-api-authorization#toc9)
- Add Google G Suite SSO support
### Bugfixes
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* [Bonita container custom initialization](
* [Custom initialization overview](
* [How to configure REST API authorization](
* [AWS Single Sign-On](
* [Scenario variables reference](
* [BCD Controller Docker image](
* [Docker image overview](
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