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update docker-compose section to mention new example file
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......@@ -60,27 +60,9 @@ $ docker run --rm -t -i --name bcd-controller \
The BCD controller container can also be created and started using [Docker Compose](https://docs.docker.com/compose/). This method enables to configure bind mount volumes in a `docker-compose.yml` file instead of through command-line options.
Here is a `docker-compose.yml` file example that you can create in your `BCD_HOME` directory.
version: "3.2"
image: bonitasoft/bcd-controller
hostname: bcd-controller
stdin_open: true
tty: true
command: /bin/bash
working_dir: /home/bonita/bonita-continuous-delivery
- .:/home/bonita/bonita-continuous-delivery
- <host_path_to_.boto>:/home/bonita/.boto
- <host_path_to_ssh_private_key>:/home/bonita/.ssh/<ssh_private_key>
There is an example named `docker-compose.yml.EXAMPLE` in your `BCD_HOME` directory.
If you want to use it to launch your BCD controller, you can rename this file without .EXAMPLE and adapt the paths to your environment.
Then start the BCD controller container interactively with:
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