Commit a2ee33d5 authored by Baptiste Mesta's avatar Baptiste Mesta Committed by GitHub
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feat(docker): do not print any credentials on startup (#359)

For security reasons, it's better to not print any configured
credentials on startup.

Relates to [RUNTIME-326](
parent 6a506c8e
...@@ -121,8 +121,6 @@ else ...@@ -121,8 +121,6 @@ else
echo "Unsecured HTTP API: Activated" echo "Unsecured HTTP API: Activated"
fi fi
echo "Platform administrator username is: ${PLATFORM_LOGIN}"
echo "Tenant technical username is: ${TENANT_LOGIN}"
# replace variables # replace variables
find ${BONITA_PATH}/BonitaCommunity-${BRANDING_VERSION}/setup/platform_conf/initial -name "*.properties" | xargs -n10 sed -i \ find ${BONITA_PATH}/BonitaCommunity-${BRANDING_VERSION}/setup/platform_conf/initial -name "*.properties" | xargs -n10 sed -i \
-e 's/^#userName\s*=.*/'"userName=${TENANT_LOGIN}"'/' \ -e 's/^#userName\s*=.*/'"userName=${TENANT_LOGIN}"'/' \
...@@ -146,11 +144,9 @@ then ...@@ -146,11 +144,9 @@ then
fi fi
echo "Using DB_VENDOR: ${DB_VENDOR}" echo "Using DB_VENDOR: ${DB_VENDOR}"
echo "Using DB_USER: ${DB_USER}"
echo "Using DB_NAME: ${DB_NAME}" echo "Using DB_NAME: ${DB_NAME}"
echo "Using DB_HOST: ${DB_HOST}" echo "Using DB_HOST: ${DB_HOST}"
echo "Using DB_PORT: ${DB_PORT}" echo "Using DB_PORT: ${DB_PORT}"
echo "Using BIZ_DB_USER: ${BIZ_DB_USER}"
echo "Using BIZ_DB_NAME: ${BIZ_DB_NAME}" echo "Using BIZ_DB_NAME: ${BIZ_DB_NAME}"
sed -e 's/{{DB_VENDOR}}/'"${DB_VENDOR}"'/' \ sed -e 's/{{DB_VENDOR}}/'"${DB_VENDOR}"'/' \
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