Commit f166db62 authored by Emmanuel Duchastenier's avatar Emmanuel Duchastenier Committed by GitHub
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tr(docker): improve how to skip H2 confirmation on docker image start (#373)

parent 9aecf0ea
......@@ -169,5 +169,5 @@ awk -f ${BONITA_FILES}/logging.awk ${LOGGING_FILE}.original > ${LOGGING_FILE}
cd /opt/bonita/BonitaCommunity-${BRANDING_VERSION}
# platform setup tool logging configuration file
echo y | ./setup/ init -Dlogging.config=${BONITA_SETUP_LOGGING_FILE}
./setup/ init -Dh2.noconfirm -Dlogging.config=${BONITA_SETUP_LOGGING_FILE}
./setup/ configure -Dlogging.config=${BONITA_SETUP_LOGGING_FILE}
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