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test: update test content for test-toolkit and bonita 7.4 (#311)

* add bonita 7.4 out of support
* add paragraph about supplemental ui files
* test-toolkit: remove real content and use a fake one and add custom message
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......@@ -219,6 +219,14 @@ If you want to ensure you use the latest version of the bundle pass `--default-u
version is used. For more details, see the https://docs.antora.org/antora/2.3/playbook/ui-bundle-url/#snapshot[Antora Documentation]
===== Quick fix and experiment Antora UI changes directly in the documentation site
If you need/want to experiment changes without rebuilding the theme, especially if the changes only involve the template,
you can directly put the files in the documentation site.
See the https://docs.antora.org/antora/3.0/playbook/ui-supplemental-files/[Antora supplemental UI] for a complete explanation.
==== http dev server
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ else if (useTestSources) {
name: bonita
title: Bonita
version: 7.4
start_page: ROOT:index.adoc
page-editable: false
page-out-of-support: true
page-hide-search-bar: true
page-navigation: false
bonitaVersion: 7.4
- modules/ROOT/taxonomy.adoc
= Home
I am the home of {page-component-title} {bonitaVersion}
= Page 01
:page-aliases: old-page-01.adoc
* 7.4
** xref:page-01.adoc[Page 01]
** xref:page-02.adoc[Page 02]
** xref:page-03.adoc[Page 03]
name: test-toolkit
title: Bonita test toolkit
version: 1.0
prerelease: beta
title: Bonita Test Toolkit
version: '1.0'
prerelease: -beta
start_page: ROOT:process-testing-overview.adoc
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ asciidoc:
page-editable: true
page-out-of-support: false
page-pagination: true # display links to previous/next pages at the bottom of the page
page-custom-message: "This is a custom message which is displayed in all pages."
- modules/ROOT/nav.adoc
\ No newline at end of file
- modules/ROOT/nav.adoc
= Bonita test toolkit
:description: integration test bonita processes applications junit ci continuous integration
:description: this is a description
I am the home of {page-component-title} for {page-component-display-version}
Learn how to write and execute integration tests for your Bonita processes to improve the quality and the durability of your developments using the Bonita Test Toolkit. +
Developer skills are required to follow this documentation and, generally, to write process integration tests.
Integrations tests are built upon the Bonita Test Toolkit, based on the open-source https://github.com/bonitasoft/bonita-java-client[Bonita Java Client]. +
The Bonita Test Toolkit is only available for Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions.
This is a NOTE
== Motivations
In the world of development, writing tests is not an option. It is the best way to ensure that a product fulfills its requirements and that existing features won't be broken by future developments.
This applies to Bonita processes. For each process, an integration test should be written, to validate that the process executes correctly depending on the inputs, that after each task the platform is in the expected state, and so on.
The Bonita Test Toolkit offers the possibility to write such tests. It performs HTTP calls on the targeted Bonita platform to start and execute cases, and make assertions at any time on the state of the platform, the content of the data... +
It is a Java library and can be integrated with many existing test frameworks like JUnit 5, Spock, Cucumber...etc.
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