Commit 3952a9f4 authored by Thomas Bouffard's avatar Thomas Bouffard
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feat: remove the 'isNotApiComponent' handlebars macro

We don't have component using the 'bonitaAPI' So, there is no
reason for filtering such component in nav and toc.
This seems to be a remaining part of the POC done in 2020: we were trying to
integrate the Bonita API documentation within the site. We don't have such API
in the site for now.
parent e5a04b04
'use strict'
module.exports = (value) => {
return value !== 'bonitaAPI'
{{#if (isNotApiComponent}}
<div class="nav-container"{{#if page.component}} data-component="{{}}" data-version="{{page.version}}"{{/if}}>
<aside class="nav">
<div class="panels">
......@@ -7,4 +6,3 @@
{{#if (isNotApiComponent}}
<aside class="toc sidebar" data-title="{{or page.attributes.toctitle 'Contents'}}" data-levels="{{{or page.attributes.toclevels 2}}}">
<div class="toc-menu"></div>
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