Commit 739bd5d0 authored by Thomas Bouffard's avatar Thomas Bouffard
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fix: js error in theme toggle initialization

Previously generated error like: `Uncaught TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null`

This is because the toggle id is not the same on mobile and desktop, and we only have a single element on each device.
parent ab32913c
......@@ -57,11 +57,14 @@
// init toggle state
if (localStorage.getItem('theme') === 'dark') {
document.getElementById('check').checked = true
document.getElementById('check-mobile').checked = true
} else {
document.getElementById('check').checked = false
document.getElementById('check-mobile').checked = false
const isDarkThemeEnable = localStorage.getItem('theme') === 'dark';
initializeThemeToggleIfAvailable('check', isDarkThemeEnable);
initializeThemeToggleIfAvailable('check-mobile', isDarkThemeEnable);
function initializeThemeToggleIfAvailable(elementId, checked) {
const checkElement = document.getElementById(elementId);
if(checkElement) {
checkElement.checked = checked;
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