Commit 3f10e797 authored by Laurent Leseigneur's avatar Laurent Leseigneur Committed by GitHub

feat(distribution): rename product to bici (#38)

Relates to [ICI-1012](
parent 2f49d512
......@@ -35,15 +35,15 @@ echo ""
echo "### Converting .md to .html"
npm install
scripts/convertMdToHtml.js ici
scripts/convertMdToHtml.js bici
echo ""
echo "### Creating doc html archive"
archive_name=doc-ici-html-\$BRANCH_NAME-`date +"%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"`.tar.gz
rm -rf doc-ici-html*.tar.gz doc-ici-html
mkdir doc-ici-html && ln -s ../build/html doc-ici-html/html && ln -s ../md/images doc-ici-html/images
tar czf \$archive_name --dereference doc-ici-html
archive_name=doc-bici-html-\$BRANCH_NAME-`date +"%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"`.tar.gz
rm -rf doc-bici-html*.tar.gz doc-bici-html
mkdir doc-bici-html && ln -s ../build/html doc-bici-html/html && ln -s ../md/images doc-bici-html/images
tar czf \$archive_name --dereference doc-bici-html
echo ". Generated archive: \$archive_name"
echo ""
......@@ -51,15 +51,15 @@ echo "Done."
stage 'Archive'
archive '**/doc-ici-html*.tar.gz'
archive '**/doc-bici-html*.tar.gz'
stage 'Deploy'
parallel preprod: {
if (isVersionSupported(branch_name, env.GLOBAL_PREPROD_ICI_VERSIONS)) {
if (isVersionSupported(branch_name, env.GLOBAL_PREPROD_BICI_VERSIONS)) {
build job: 'push-content-preprod', parameters: [[$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'ARE_YOU_SURE', value: 'Yes']]
}, prod: {
if (isVersionSupported(branch_name, env.GLOBAL_PROD_ICI_VERSIONS)) {
if (isVersionSupported(branch_name, env.GLOBAL_PROD_BICI_VERSIONS)) {
build job: 'push-content-prod', parameters: [[$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'ARE_YOU_SURE', value: 'Yes']]
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