Commit 4c116d12 authored by abirembaut's avatar abirembaut Committed by julienmege

fix (monitoring page) Monitoring page generates a 26 seconds request (#500)

- Avoid retrieving all the processes all the time
- add auto complete for process filtering

Covers [BS-19311](
parent 9dc68a6a
......@@ -240,6 +240,7 @@
when('GET', /^\/API\/bpm\/process\?c=\d+&.*p=0$/).respond(require('./admin/cases/list/process-def-4.json'));
when('GET', /^\/API\/bpm\/process\?c=\d+&.*p=0&.*s=.*$/).respond(require('./admin/cases/list/process-def-4.json'));
when('GET', /^\/API\/system\/i18ntranslation.*$/).respond([]);
//enable french translation
//when('GET', /^\/API\/system\/i18ntranslation.*$/).respond(require('./i18translations.json'));
......@@ -249,5 +250,4 @@
var form = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/user/tasks/list/fixtures/form.html', 'utf8');
when('GET', formRegexp, 'html').respond(form);
})(module, false);
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