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java.version.title=Java version
java.version.message=The installer has not detected a compatible version of Java on your system. If you continue the installation, the installer will add an embedded version of Java to your Bonita BPM Studio.\n Note\: This version of Java will not be installed on your system, so it will not impact other applications. If you do not want to use the embedded Java version, cancel the installation, install Java, then restart the installation.\n Do you want to continue the installation and use the embedded Java?
workspace.recovery.progressMessage=Please wait, retrieving workspace data...
initializing.progressMessage=Please wait, initializing
workspace.location.title=Workspace location
workspace.location.explanation=You can migrate only one workspace automatically\:
workspace.location.explanation.choice1=- default workspace\: browse to the directory where you installed Bonita BPM Studio.
workspace.location.explanation.choice2=- another workspace (Subscription editions)\: browse to its parent directory.
workspace.location.explanation.end=To migrate other workspaces manually (Subscription editions only)\: in the old Studio, all diagrams closed, export everything and import the archive into the new Studio.
workspace.location.validation.error=The directory you chose does not contain a valid workspace
keep.workspace.title=Keep workspace ?
keep.workspace.msg=Do you want to keep all your existing data?
install.license.error=License file should have a ".lic" extension
install.license.desc=License file (browse your computer)
request.key.explanation=Copy the license key below, log into Bonitasoft Customer Portal (https\:// and paste it in the License Request Key field.\nYou will receive your license file by email. Save it locally and come back to this installer.\n
install.license.title=Product license
retrieve.workspace.title=Retrieve data
retrieve.workspace.message=Do you want to retrieve data from an existing Bonita BPM workspace?
retrieve.workspace.message.warning=Warning\: If you migrate a workspace that contains a shared repository (Subscription editions), all the repository users must migrate to the new version of Studio.
workspace.setup=Workspace setup
no.thanks=No, do not migrate data, I will migrate manually, or I do not have any data to migrate.
yes.import=Yes, migrate a workspace.