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BS-14625: condensed sentence to have it on one line without cut

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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ openUiDesignerInformationToggleMessage=Do not show this dialog again.
hideEmptyContractDialogTitle=Empty contract
hideEmptyContractDialogMessage=This button generates a form with the relevant widgets and data bindings for the contract inputs. The mapping between the form is and this (task or process => 0) is done once for all. It is not updated when you update the contract. We recommend you create your contract before clicking on this button.\nDo you still want to open the UI Designer?
hideEmptyContractDialogToggleMessage=Do not show this dialog again.
waitingForTomcatServer=The Tomcat server is starting in the background. This takes a few seconds.\nThe {0} will open when Tomcat has started.\nClick Cancel to close this popup.
waitingForTomcatServer=Waiting Tomcat server start to open the {0}. This takes a few seconds.
noForm=No form
noFormMessageOnTask=A human task with no form and no contract represents a manual task, completed outside Bonita BPM. The user will indicate in the application or Portal that the manual task is complete.\nA human task with a contract but no form expects the information needed to fulfill the contract to be provided programmatically.
noFormMessageOnProcess=This process will be instantiated programmatically (by a call activity or by an API call from an application, for example), so no form is necessary.\nWhen "No form" is selected, no default instantiation form is generated for testing.\nIf you have defined a contract and want to use the default form for testing, choose the UI Designer option but do not specify a form.
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