Commit 2122e4be authored by Bonita CI's avatar Bonita CI Committed by Adrien

chore(l10n) update translations (#1034)

parent 107377e4
...@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ viewMenu_label=&Affichage ...@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ viewMenu_label=&Affichage
resetPerspective_label=R\u00e9initialiser resetPerspective_label=R\u00e9initialiser
showHelp_label=Montrer l'aide showHelp_label=Montrer l'aide
help_label=&Aide help_label=&Aide
openLog_label=Logs du Bonita Studio openLog_label=Logs de Bonita Studio
openEngineLog_label=Logs de Bonita Engine openEngineLog_label=Logs de Bonita Engine
openEngineLog_commandLabel=Commande d'ouverture des logs moteur openEngineLog_commandLabel=Commande d'ouverture des logs moteur
openAppplicationActionLabel=Open Application Command openAppplicationActionLabel=Open Application Command
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