Commit 32d5e4c9 authored by apupier's avatar apupier
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BS-11046: modify text for radio buttons to choose file widget type

parent 336d1de4
......@@ -177,9 +177,9 @@ widgetEditMessage=When you click OK, if the current name is used in Groovy scrip
editWidgetNameTitle=Choose a new name
removingWidgetReferences=Removing widget references...
documentPickerLabel=File widget type
both=Allow both with radio buttons
BrowseRadio=Browse button for file
urlRadio=Text field for URL
both=Both, with radio buttons for user to choose
BrowseRadio=Button, to browse for file
urlRadio=Text field, for URL
resourceToolTip=Is a file from Bonita BPM Studio repository and embedded in the Process Archive (.bar)
documentToolTip=Content is either a file or a URL
fileWidgetTypeToolTip=Not available if document is download only. Cannot be a URL if initial value is a resource.
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