Commit 43a6cad6 authored by Bonita CI's avatar Bonita CI Committed by Romain Bioteau
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chore(l10n) update translations (#851)

parent 02b8504a
groovyEditor=Editor Groovy
propertiesFileEditor=Editor del archivo de propiedades
xmlEditor=Editor XML
groovyEditor=Editeur Groovy
propertiesFileEditor=Editeur du fichier de propri\u00e9t\u00e9s
xmlEditor=Editeur XML
groovyEditor=Groovy \u30a8\u30c7\u30a3\u30bf
propertiesFileEditor=\u30d7\u30ed\u30d1\u30c6\u30a3 \u30d5\u30a1\u30a4\u30eb \u30a8\u30c7\u30a3\u30bf
xmlEditor=XML \u30a8\u30c7\u30a3\u30bf
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