Commit 4a572da1 authored by Romain Bioteau's avatar Romain Bioteau
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Fix TestDuplicate

parent dc645c9f
......@@ -105,8 +105,9 @@ public class DuplicateDiagramOperation implements IRunnableWithProgress {
final TransactionalEditingDomain editingDomain = TransactionUtil.getEditingDomain(newDiagram);
for (final ProcessesNameVersion pnv : pools) {
final String fromPoolName = pnv.getNewName();
final String fromPoolVersion = pnv.getNewVersion();
final AbstractProcess fromPool = pnv.getAbstractProcess();
final String fromPoolName = fromPool.getName();
final String fromPoolVersion = fromPool.getVersion();
/* Find corresponding element in the duplicated model */
for (final Element element : newDiagram.getElements()) {
if (element instanceof AbstractProcess) {
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