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fix(actor): edit name column when adding an actor (#2517)

* Currently, after clicking on "Add" on the actor property section, we
try to edit the column 0 -> it is the column for the initiator icon ->
nothing happens -> the correct column to edit is the column 1, the name
parent edcb0ca3
......@@ -307,11 +307,11 @@ public class ProcessActorsPropertySection extends AbstractBonitaDescriptionSecti
AddCommand.create(getEditingDomain(), process, ProcessPackage.Literals.ABSTRACT_PROCESS__ACTORS, actor));
actorsViewer.editElement(actor, 0);
actorsViewer.editElement(actor, 1);
private String generateActorName(final AbstractProcess process) {
final Set<String> actorsName = new HashSet<String>();
final Set<String> actorsName = new HashSet<>();
for (final Actor a : process.getActors()) {
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