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Merge pull request #250 from bonitasoft/fix/BS-12468_update_bdm_guidance

BS-12468 update bdm guidance
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......@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ dropBusinessDataDBOnExit=Clean business data database on exit
dropBusinessDataDBOnBDMChanges=Clean business data database on changes
queryExpressionGuidance=Select the Business Object and the corresponding query to execute. Set the value for each parameter required by the query.
bdmCompatibilityTitle=Warning: Impact of changes
bdmCompatibilityMsg=Changes made could cause incompatibilities between the Business Data Model and Business Data used in the pools.\nYou will need to Validate the diagrams to list impacts on Business Data.\n\nIf modifications to mandatory or unique constraints have been made, you must reset the Business Data Model to apply the changes. This will clear existing entries.
clearExistingBusinessData=Reset Business Data Model
bdmCompatibilityMsg=This BDM is available to all processes in your Studio, and to pages using REST API calls. Changing the BDM might cause inconsistencies.\nAfter the BDM update, validate each diagram and check your pages.\nIf you have changed the Mandatory or Multiple setting for an attribute, or if you have changed a unique constraint, you must clear the values of the business data in the database.
clearExistingBusinessData=Clear data
businessObjectNameAlreadyExists=A Business Object already exists with the same name
installFailedTitle=Deploy failed
installFailedMessage=An error occurred while deploying the Business Data Model in engine
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ paginationParameterHint=2 Pagination parameters are offered, to be used through
newQueryTitle=Create query
editQueryTitle=Edit query
howToUseBusinessObjects=How to use Business Objects
howToUseBusinessObjectsContent=To use Business Objects (initialize or change values in forms), create Business Data in pools. To display Business Objects queries results in forms, create Transient Data in forms and set the default values with a Query expression. Then, create a Groovy script to transform business objects into display labels.
howToUseBusinessObjectsContent=To use business data in a process, you need to define a business variable at pool level.\nTo read business data in a process, you can also use the business object DAO in a Groovy script or use a query expression.\n\nTo use business data in a form or application page, use the REST API in the widget value property.
multipleBusinessData=Is multiple
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