Commit 5f10c9a9 authored by azara's avatar azara Committed by Romain Bioteau
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BS-14848 Actor Filter Users with Custom Information creation broken in

add extension to organization store name 
parent 9344e7e0
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ public class CustomUserInfoConnectorConfigurationWizardPage extends AbstractConn
private void createCustomExpressionViewerWithCustomInfo(final PageComponentSwitchBuilder componentSwitchBuilder, final Composite composite,
final Text object) {
final OrganizationRepositoryStore store = RepositoryManager.getInstance().getRepositoryStore(OrganizationRepositoryStore.class);
final String fileName = activeOrganizationProvider.getActiveOrganization();
final String fileName = activeOrganizationProvider.getActiveOrganization() + "." + OrganizationRepositoryStore.ORGANIZATION_EXT;
componentSwitchBuilder.createTextControl(composite, object, new CustomUserInfoNameExpressionProvider(store, fileName),
new CustomUserInfoLabelProvider());
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