Commit bfd9cd07 authored by Adrien's avatar Adrien Committed by Romain Bioteau

allow condition on incoming sequence flow of a parallel gateway (#1568)

parent 2fa1c51d
......@@ -283,9 +283,7 @@ public class TransitionConditionContribution implements IExtensibleGridPropertyS
if (eObject instanceof SequenceFlow) {
final SourceElement source = ((SequenceFlow) eObject).getSource();
final boolean sourceIdAndGateway = source instanceof ANDGateway;
final TargetElement target = ((SequenceFlow) eObject).getTarget();
final boolean targetIsAndGateway = target instanceof ANDGateway && !(source instanceof XORGateway);
return !(source instanceof BoundaryEvent) && !sourceIdAndGateway && !targetIsAndGateway;
return !(source instanceof BoundaryEvent) && !sourceIdAndGateway;
return false;
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