Commit cffa7cc3 authored by Bonita CI's avatar Bonita CI Committed by Romain Bioteau

chore(l10n) update translations (#600)

parent cc8c7aea
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ and=ET
takeTransition=Prendre la transition
dontTakeTransition=Ne pas prendre la transition
emptyName=Le nom est vide
operationExplanation=An operation updates the value of a variable after an activity is performed. Operations are executed in the order they are listed. \u26a0 A delete operation must be set on its own, in a dedicated activity. Other operations that recreate or update the variable must be handled in a separate activity.
operationExplanation=Une op\u00e9ration met \u00e0 jour la valeur d\u2019une variable apr\u00e8s qu\u2019une activit\u00e9 est effectu\u00e9e. Les op\u00e9rations sont ex\u00e9cut\u00e9es dans l\u2019ordre de leur apparition. \u26a0 Une op\u00e9ration de suppression doit \u00eatre d\u00e9finie en isolation, dans une activit\u00e9 d\u00e9di\u00e9e. Les autres op\u00e9rations qui recr\u00e9ent ou mettent \u00e0 jour la variable doivent \u00eatre g\u00e9r\u00e9es dans une autre activit\u00e9.
highestPriority=Plus haute
lowestPriority=Plus basse
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