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[TRANSLATION] Get latest translation from Crowdin, 2 modified lines

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......@@ -77,7 +77,6 @@ autoGeneratedOperationProcessButton=Auto-generate the initialization script.Clic
manuallyDefinedOperationProcessButton=No, gracias. Definir\u00e9 manualmente c\u00f3mo utilizar el contrato.
contractStrictGenerationMsg=The contract inputs have been specified.\nA script that sets the default values of the business variable attributes with the contract input values will be generated. It can be viewed and edited in the Data tab. If the default value of a business variable already exists, this script will override it.\n\nContract inputs and the script can be edited manually.\nHowever, there is no refactoring (for example, updating the attribute name or a multiple property in a business object or contract element will break the script).
invalidBusinessDataSelected=Datos del negocio seleccionados no v\u00e1lidos.
<<<<<<< HEAD
setGeneratedScriptPreviewPageDescription=Preview of the generated script that initializes the default value of the data {0}. To edit this script, go to the Data declaration and edit the default value definition.
generatedScriptPreviewTitle=Vista previa del script generado
scriptNameLabel=Nombre del script
......@@ -87,3 +86,4 @@ preview=Vista previa >
selectMandatories=Mandatory attributes
mandatoryFieldsNotSelectedWarning=Mandatory attribute(s) {0} is/are not selected. Either select it/them or initialize it/them manually.
mandatoryFieldsNotSelectedStepWarning=Mandatory attribute(s) {0} is/are not selected. Either select it/them or create storage and update operations.
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