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feat(java 11) rest api dependency - pom warning (#1559)

* Refactor the PagePropertyBuilder into a RestApiBuilder to in clude pom
file validation
* Fix the regex for the path unicity template: if we are looking for
'.pathTemplate=resourceName' in the property file, then
'.pathTemplate=resourceName2' should not be returned.
* Add markers for java11 compliance dependency update inside the pom
* Add markers on the Bonita project when there is errors on rest APIs

closes [BST-27](
parent 89a6fc02
......@@ -592,7 +592,7 @@ public class Repository implements IRepository, IJavaContainer, IRenamable {
for (final IRepositoryStore<? extends IRepositoryFileStore> store : getAllStores()) {
IFolder container = store.getResource();
if (Objects.equals(resource.getParent(), container)) {
if (Objects.equals(resource.getParent(), container) || Objects.equals(store.getName(), "restAPIExtensions")) {
IRepositoryFileStore fStore = store.getChild(resource.getName());
if (fStore != null) {
return fStore;
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